Pure Sine Wave

Reliable power means surges and blackouts won’t interrupt your gaming experience. Pure Sine Wave Gaming UPS systems from Tripp Lite by Eaton provide clean, reliable battery backup when AC power falters and protect equipment against harmful voltage irregularities on a continual basis.

Power problems have many causes.

Don’t let power problems interrupt your gaming time with friends, drop you in rank or cut you off in the middle of a stream. Add a Pure Sine Wave Gaming UPS system to your setup.

Severe weather events Severe weather events
In-home overload In-home overload
Utility/power grid activity Utility/power grid activity

Reliable Backup

Four UPS models deliver 600-1500VA power to keep your gaming system running during blackouts, brownouts or other power irregularities.

  • Pure Sine Wave output in backup mode means clean, stable power that supports optimal AV performance.
  • Up to 50+ minutes* of backup power.

* Requires SMART1500PSGLCD with BP24V9T external battery pack.

Reliable Backup

Equipment Protection

Regulated voltage levels extend the life of your gaming console, PC and connected AV equipment.

  • Up to 10 outlets for powering PCs, gaming systems, AV equipment and other AC-powered devices.
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and surge protection safeguard against power surges, spikes and other voltage threats.
  • Energy-saving outlets reduce power consumption.
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Equipment Protection

Programmable LEDs

RGB LEDs provide a variety of adaptive lighting modes for gaming ambience and indicating power usage.

  • Four LED strips are programmable for color and motion effects, including color-shift, spark, breathe and spectrum cycling options.
  • 16.7 million color combinations can match your other gaming equipment or room lighting.
Programmable LEDs


Whether your UPS is on your desk, on the floor or part of your AV setup, it can fit in with and support the rest of your electronics.

  • PC load monitoring helps determine if PC can support component upgrades.
  • A USB-C and a USB-A port keep devices charged.
  • Wireless LCD detaches from the UPS to easily monitor power draw from up to 20 ft. away.

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